Sculpture in the garden – examples from Melbourne

by Jane on June 16, 2011

I had a wonderful afternoon exploring the McLelland sculpture garden near Melbourne. This is set in grounds which include a lake, lawns and areas of mostly virgin ‘bush’. The photos here show how the sculptures fit in to their various habitats.

Coming into the garden you first see lawns round a lake, with a gallery building. By the lake is an artificial hedge sculpture laying along the lake edge, its green contrasting with that of the lawn.
curvy sculpture by lake

Near the gallery there is a Mediterranean bed with a curvy sculpture..
herb beds with sculpture

..Which as you get closer you realise is of dolphins – I loved this. dolphins

Sculptures look different against landscape, ground and sky. This curved sculpture is a good example.
curved sculpture

And here it is against the sky – very impressive.
curved metal sculpture against sky

Here are two examples of sculpture located in low-growing bush. The first is called ‘Strange Fruit’ I think, and reminds me of Anish Kapoor’s early works, only in shiny white, or like excretae from a strange and wondrous animal.
white curvy sculptures in bush
The second seems to blend into the bushland as though the trees and bushes were twigs around this beetle.
beetle in bush

There was so much, in so many styles – here is my favourite, in wood, inspired by a termite mound.
termite mound sculpture

Lastly a popular and pretty children’s playground sculpture – the balls are hollow, can be accessed and are great for making echoes!
playground of white hollow balls

closeup of hollow balls

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