More on the Meadow

by Jane on June 5, 2010

Last night I was captivated for 10 minutes watching bullfinches eat dandelion seeds in the long grass, clinging onto cow parsley and dandelion stalks while they ate – rather wobbily if the latter!

There is also vetch – spreading, somehow – didn’t know it could – and a cornflower, and some wild garlic or ransoms, all in bloom at the moment.  The grasses are often home to the Speckled Wood butterfly, and sometimes Ringlet butterflies too.  (See this site for details of butterflies.)

And here’s a photo of my red campion – still in bloom in July!

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Ena Ronayne July 10, 2010 at 9:31 am

Hi Jane,

I found a great link for any one who may need to know what a speckled wood butterfly looks like

Don’t be afraid in your posts to use images from flickr or other and websites where one can source info like that on the butterfly above. There is no problem to do so as long as you have permission and you cite the source. The very best of luck with you blog.

Ps where are you posts for July?? Do try to have one a week or one a month – to keep peoples interest !!

Hope you don’t mind all this feedback Jane?

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