Progress on the meadow and a floriferous herb bed

by Jane on June 13, 2014

In May, the view from my study window was of my herb bed in full flower:

The herb garden in full flower

The creamy sweet ciceley flowers were frothing away over the purple globes of allium ‘Purple Sensation’ and the aquilegias were happily dotting themselves around them, surrounded by the ‘proper’ herbs of sage, thyme and ginger mint. By mid-June (this year at any rate – everything is early) these are over and the purple toadflax is starting up, together with some lovely geraniums bought from Lois Weedon Open Gardens – The Barn, where Iris collects them – geranium clarkei ‘Kashmir White’ and geranium sanguineum ‘Album’, as well as geranium nodosum which is trying to take over.

In the meadow this year I have a couple of new successes: a few nectaroscordum siculum bulbs, which are interesting but don’t stand out much, and better than these the ragged robin I grew last year from seed.

Ragged robin's pink flowers in my meadow patch











I can’t convey the vivid pale pink shining in the morning light against the dark of the trees.. here is a close-up view:

Close up of ragged robin flowers










The vetch is doing very well and the bees love it. The red campion is surviving and looks beautiful (see sidebar photo and previous posts) as usual, and the cornflower I didn’t plant is flourishing on the edge. And now the wild geraniums are out, so here is a photo to finish up, showing show how deep blue they are:

Deep blue geranium sylvestris flower

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