Watching Spring take hold

by Jane on March 19, 2012

In the autumn I wrote about ‘Nature’s Calendar’ where you can record events that show the developing autumn season over the UK.  There is a complementary record of springtime events which I have started on in February.  One key event is the coming of the frogs.  On a certain day in late winter/early spring, the frogs come back to the little wildlife pond I have and mate, leaving globs of frogspawn behind.  It will be a sunny day, the first day you can sit outside comfortably with a coffee in my wind-shielded arbour.  The insects come out around that same day, so you can see gnats dancing in the sunlight and hear the odd buzz of the first flies (what joy ahead, keeping them out of my house!).  You may hear a bee, too.

Well, this year that day was Feb 27th.  This is over 2 weeks earlier than usual here (I know this from recording – it may be a bit anal-retentive, but it excites me that I know that date!).  You can’t attribute global warming to this one event however I like being aware of what’s happening out there just to feel linked in.  For the map of frog spawning so far this year click here.

As well as this survey, there is a new one, very quick and easy, that you may like to take part in if you have or are near a pond.  Pond Conservation have just started it this year, and it’s to find out more about  the breeding success of our common frogs and toads.  It’s called the Big Spawn Count – press here for more details.


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