Gloucestershire hillside garden

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A large garden on slightly unstable ground with big views from the higher points of the site. The clients wanted to look at the views, to entertain a party, keep horses, swim, grow vegetables, amuse grandchildren and have some water cascading down the hill.  Not a lot, then!

Near the house is a paved area for children’s trikes, sunbathing and dining.  Towards the east (where most of the house windows face) is a gravel garden and a rock garden alongside a cascade.  Upwards from here is a pond planted with many bog and water plants.  A gazebo provides a snug viewing point of distant views.  Downhill of the pond is a wildflower meadow, orchard and walled vegetable garden.  Below the main drive is the pool and a porch for entertaining, backing on to the stables and leading to the woods below, where there is a path planted with spring bulbs leading to an old tree.  Children can play here and in the treehouse near the pool.  In short, a child’s paradise with adult pleasures too.

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