Trees for small gardens

April 15, 2016

I have been designing a planting plan for a small garden, about 9m across by 11m deep, overlooked by other houses as are many new gardens nowadays. The problem is that to provide a screen one must also cut down on sunlight a little, as the garden faces southwest. I have included a tree on […]

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What plants do you need for your space?

March 21, 2016

It’s the peak season for plant buying and getting out in the garden. How do you decide what to buy for your plot? I have just designed a planting plan for a little courtyard garden, and think some of the principles I used might be useful this time of year. 1. Think when you want […]

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How you can help save the hedgehog

January 9, 2016

(Photo © Kichigin/ and BHPS)   Hedgehog populations have been declining by about 25% in the last 10 years. One thing we can do to help them is to make sure they can move freely between gardens, so that they have enough to eat and space to make a home. Jacksons Fencing have brought out […]

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Most popular outdoor living photos of 2015 from Houzz

December 30, 2015

I am excited that my work has been featured in ‘Houzz’, in their end of year review, as one of the 20 most popular photos of 2015.  See photo number 5 below, which is part of this project explained on my website. Happy New Year to all my readers! The Most Popular Outdoor Living Photos […]

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Winter pots and spring bulbs

November 10, 2015

Now’s the time to plant up a container to brighten your winter months.  Many have already done this, keeping up with Monty Don (Gardener’s World) and the nurseries are already running out of plants.  However I am only just thinking about this as the geraniums (pelargoniums) have lasted so long this year. I never used […]

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Autumn review

November 2, 2015

I am never usually content with the amount of colour I have in my garden, however this season I have been happy to see lots of different shades of bright orange, red, pink and mauve: standing at my front door and just looking around is a colour therapy.  It’s always heartening to have something going […]

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August chaos

September 4, 2015

It is mid-August and my garden has gone to seed.  Dominated by the foxgloves, the bed under the apple tree slumbers on. I grew chard last winter and spring, and thought to get seed from it – so I left the plants.  Even after some hacking out of the wild upward-growing tendrils there is a […]

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Woodland Gardens in Spring Part Two: Evenley Wood Gardens

June 5, 2015

It may be rather late to publish this – the trees have leafed since – but make a note in your diary to visit this lovely wood when the magnolias are out.  These photos were taken on the 2nd of May, however going a week or so earlier would mean you could enjoy the camellias […]

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Woodland gardens in spring part one: the Beth Chatto Gardens

May 8, 2015

I had the pleasure of exploring two wonderful woodland gardens in two weekends recently. On April 26th I went to Beth Chatto’s gardens near Colchester and on May 2nd I visited Evenley Wood Gardens in South Northamptonshire.  This post is about Beth Chatto’s woodland garden and I will write up my visit to Evenley shortly. […]

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Rainy and Wonderful – Cottesbrooke Hall Gardens part 2

January 2, 2015

My last post was about part of a visit to Cottesbrooke, Northants. in the rain in late August, when the blowsy dahlias were at their peak. This is about the rest of the garden – fantastic still-exuberant terrace borders and a completely different feel in the waterside Wild Garden. James Alexander Sinclair was asked to […]

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